Spiral duct for forced and exhaust ventilation


Diameter range: 18“(500), 21“(580),   24“(660), 27“(730), 30“(820) inch/mm,  All diameters between 300 and 850 mm can be supplied

Length of ducting: From 5 up to 7,5 m. Intermediate lengths are possible. The helix, made of PVC coated spring steel wire for corrosion protection, is welded on externally.

 Pitches: 150 mm

Suspension: optional

1 row of galvanized suspension hooks, tear strength approx. 50 kp

Jede Lutte ist standardmäßig mit beidseitig eingeschweißten flexiblen Endringen aus PVC-ummantelter Federstahldrahtlitze versehen,  oder wahlweise mit auslaufender Folie.

Connection clamp with knee lever


Knee lever belt allows an easy and quick installation without additional tools or installation facilities!!

High-Expansion Foam Adapter  AdFoam-21“

High-expansion foam adapter for gasoline- electro- and water-driven high performance fans

Dimensions (h x w x d)mm  720 x 580 x 270mm / Weigth: 8,0 kg

High expansion foam generator:


Combination of water driven high performance fan 21W10 + foam proportioner + feeder + high expansion foam adapter

 Spray mist pipes


For the subsequent mounting on petrol and electric driven devices. The spray pipes are mounted with  just a few swift moves  even on already delivered fans. The spray mist pipes are delivered with C-Storz couplings.

 Dimensions (H x B x T): 800 x 500 x 200mm  / Weigth: 5,0 kg

IMG_1586  Material: Stainless steel


Exhaust hose

IMG_1608The airflow keeps clean and emission-free.


Reversible Impeller


For positive pressure and suction    

Reversible Impeller for uses with the need for reversible current directions

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