About us

Renz Feuerwehrservice – your production, sales and service partner

We, your production, sales and service partner   Feuerwehrservice Renz  would like to introduce ourselves as an competent partner for fire fighting equipment, as well for rescue services.

Here are a few examples of our capabilities and range of services:

  • Development and manufacture of  Typhoon ventilation systems
  • Proficient pump repairs from almost all manufacturers – with subsequent tests on our own pump test bench
  • Converting of pumps and pipework /Customize of fire vehicles as per individual customer made design
  • Sale entires product portfolio from Hale, Godiva, Class 1
  • Refurbishing of primers and Metz/GFT and Hale fire pumps

Since 2004 Feuerwehrservice


Fondation of our Service and Sales Center for fire department equipment and rescue tools.


In 2009 relocation from Groß Zimmern to Eppertshausen in our own Facilities


Production of own Typhoon ventilation systems in Eppertshausen.

World wide sales of our Typhoon ventilation systems, which will be produced in own facilities.

Typhoon Lüfter seit 2012

2012 – 2013

Between 2012 and 2013 we expanded our production facilities.
separate Produktionsstätte für Lüfter seit 2013


Production of mobile pressure foam proportioning system in accordance with DIN 14430 and EN 16327

Production of Typhoon ventilation systems with electric driven power

Druckzumischanlage (DZA)
Druckzumischanlage diagonal (DZA)
Druckzumischanlage diagonal (DZA)


Modification of fire brigade vehicles according to customer requirements

Modification of an old UNIMOG 437 KZ T0497

  • Maintenance of HALE RMB Pump und ESP priming system
  • Tank in stainless steel ca. 2350 litres (own production)
  • Pump manifold and pipe work with 4 inch suction inlet and tank pipeline, 2 B outlets,  1 tank bypass– 2 x 4 inch valves.
  • Instrument board with suction and pressure manometer, fill pressure gauge and speed Indicator
  • Foam Logix 2.1 A with 60 litres tank in stainless steel with tank display
  • Indoor lightning LED blue with flood lights LED with white
  • Roller shutter lock with pivote
  • Holdings for new AUER-respiratories in order for discharging and for dumping
  • Normal pressure reel 60 meter 500 /500 with hose window and draw role

Our prefererences?

If we caught  your interest, we would be pleased to invite you for a visit of our manufacturing plant for individual consultation. Get a personal impression of the quality of our products and professional expertise.

Please convince yourself about the good and high quality of our product and convince yourself about the professional competence of our stuff.

Our customers are worldwide: volunteer fire departments, plant fire brigades, professional fire brigades, dealers, superstructurers for vehicle bodies, THW (German technical relief agency).