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Pressure Power Blower

In case of fire, transportable ppv fans enable an effective ventilation, in order to get rooms or buildings free of smoke, heat or flames. Improving opportunities and better conditions for fire fighting action forces.

In April 2012, Renz GmbH took over the production and further development of the well known TYPHOON ventilation systems of HALE/GODIVA. Those products will be exclusively produced in Germany and well known distributed worldwide.

Typhoon – das innovative Überdruckbelüftungssystem

Welcome to typhoon-fans.de

Ventilation and cooling of big construction of buildings like halls, underground garages, high rise buildings, airports, subways, railways and highway tunnels do cause fire brigades tremendous challenges.

Since 2012 we have thought about the solution:  Essentially for fire fighting and particularly for situations, where toxic fire effluents, acrid fumes, heat and smoke do interfere fire fighter attacks. E.g. in closed rooms, buildings, aeroplanes, vessels etc.

Please find in our product range next to motor and electric driven ventilation systems the worldwide unique ventilation system with water turbine technique.